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New Transformations

JULY 14, 2022

"Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees."                     ~  Marcel Proust

monotype collage of magenta and gold plants

Transformation 55, monotype collage, 7 x 7 in

More Monotype Collages: New Transformations

I can hardly believe that I've now completed 60 pieces in this series. I think I have about 10 -12 that aren't sold; most of these are new Transformations. Three are in a corporate loan-to-buy program in Louisville, four are at Rubber City Prints in Akron, and two are at the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Gallery in Berea. 

This series has always sold well, probably because their smaller size makes them fairly affordable. If you're a longtime reader of my blog, or you follow me on Facebook or Instagram,  I'm sure you've heard the story of how my Transformations series got started. If by chance you haven't, and you happen to be interested, you can read about it here.

"All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography." ~Federico Fellini

winter landscape with aqua, purple and brown plants

Transformation 56, monotype and mixed media collage  7 x 7 inches

Some FAQ's Answered

Since this post is essentially a vehicle for sharing some of my new Transformations, I'll also try to answer a few frequently asked questions about the series. I know art terminology can be confusing, particularly given the fact that there is often no officially "correct" way of defining them. 

1. What does "monotype" mean? 

 This is possibly the most frequent question I get. And that makes complete sense, given the fact that most non-artists don't even realize that printmaking produces original artworks. On this post, I tried to clarify that. I also explained what a monotype is:

"Monotypes differ from other types of printmaking in one important way: no permanent plate is made, so no more than one impression can be printed... Ink is applied to a smooth surface, and then wiped or manipulated to form an image. A sheet of paper is laid on the plate, and the image is then transferred to the paper (by applying pressure)."

The video below is one I've shared before, but I think it's worth sharing again: 

A good concise demononstration of the monotype process. Well done, SUNY student!

2.  What's a "monotype collage"?  

First of all, this is not an official art term.  It's just my own way of labeling my work to give people an idea what it's made of without writing a whole paragraph. It's simply a collage made from torn or cut up monotype pieces. The pieces are glued onto a substrate of Rives BFK printmaking paper, or onto an existing print.

art materials monotype scraps in my studio

photo of monotype scraps in my studio

red, blue and yellow plant and space imagery art

Transformation 44, monotype collage, 7 x 7 in

3. What other "mixed media" are used in these pieces? 

Again, labeling artwork can be tricky, especially when you use a variety of media in one piece. Sometimes I label these, "monotype collage with mixed media". Often, though, when entering an exhibition, you get a drop-down menu of media choices. Do I pick "collage" or "printmaking" or "mixed media"? None of these categories, especially by themselves, really tell you much about how they're made.

Some of the additional media I use include the following:

  1. Caran d'Ache and other water-soluble crayons/pastels

  2. Derwent watercolor pencils and Inktense pencils

  3. Daler-Rowney FW and Liquitex acrylic inks

  4. acrylic paint (I use various brands and types)

  5. (not often) various decorative papers and paper ephemera

Art After Hours

I'm excited to be exhibiting at Art After Hours along with 16 fabulous local artists! This is a one-night event where you can take in some beautiful art while enjoying food, wine, and live music. I hope you can join us on Friday, July 29 from 7:00  - 9:00 pm at the Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch of the Campbell County Library.

art after hours art exhibition flyer

Stay tuned - I have lots more new art to share! Coming soon, I promise!


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